Transfer Station | Park Hills, MO | SFCEC | 573-431-4768

Dispose of your trash for good

Head over to our transfer station and
get rid of all of your waste. Keep your home or business completely trash-free.


Transfer Station | Park Hills, MO | SFCEC | 573-431-4768

Clean out your garbage safely and conveniently

Your trash will be reloaded onto tractor trailers (transfer trailers) and then transferred to a landfill. Your trip will be made easy for you, and your waste will be disposed of flawlessly. No tax dollars are involved in our funding; you will be charged by either the weight of your material or your items. Trash is $75 a ton. The minimum charge is $10.

The following items must be disposed of separately:

  • Tires ($2 for a passenger car tire, $4 if they are on a wheel. Prices go up depending on size)
  • Yard Waste ($17 a ton with a $2 minimum. This includes leaves, limbs, stumps, and grass clippings)
  • Appliances (See Recycling Drop Off)
  • Used motor oil (See Recycling Drop Off )
  • Lead Acid Batteries (See Recycling Drop Off )

We DO NOT accept:

  • Liquids including paint  (if it's not in dried form)
  • Sharps (Medical Needles)
  • Pesticides
  • Radioactive material
  • Human or Animal Waste
  • Asbestos

Contact us to keep your home or business free of waste.


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